About Us

Jori Chioma Collection was created with a desire to bring effective hair care products, accessories and tools to all women.

In 2019, I experienced major hair breakage and hair fall; due to medication and stress. After having healthy hair for the course of my natural hair journey, I was discourage at the state of my hair. I made the decision to restore my hair and do so without the "big chop." The Stimulating Herbal Oil has been the catalyst to my healthy hair journey!

With that vision in mind, I curated a collection of quality hair care that aims to promote healthy hair starting at the root. My goal is to encourage, inspire and give women the confidence to embrace their individual beauty. This collection is for loose naturals, locs, protective styles, chemically treated and relaxed tresses. 

We are excited you chose us to be apart of your healthy hair journey!

With Love,

Jori Chioma