Hair Maintenance

Daily Care/Maintenance

Treat your wig like you would your own natural hair! Our wigs are 100% virgin human hair, unprocessed/no chemicals! Our wigs and ponytails require routine care just like your hair. 

We do not suggest adding too much product to your hair as this may lead to buildup and tangling. 

You may use a very lightweight leave in conditioner and/or hair mist to protect against frizzy/dry hair, and a heat thermal serum to protect from heat damage. Use a product that is NOT Alcohol based and does not contain Sulfate.

When conditioning your wig, brush/comb from bottom to top. DO NOT SHAMPOO YOUR WIG unless there is product build up. Shampoo strips your natural hair and it will strip moisture out of the wig. Do not use alcohol or protein based conditioners! This will strip the hair or add additional protein to already rich hair.

How To Wash Your Headband Wig

We strongly suggest these tips before you wear your unit:

All CURLY/WAVY Textures (See Kinky Curly Below): Wash your curly or wavy unit in cool water with conditioner and comb by hand or with a wide tooth comb. Allow the hair to air dry completely before styling or manipulating. Use a very lightweight leave in conditioner or curl defining cream that does not contain alcohol.

It is important that you treat your hair as if it were own. Our hair is 100% virgin human hair; washing the hair is necessary in order to maintain texture integrity. 

Kinky Curly Texture

She is pretty, but she can be a little high maintenance!

Our Kinky Curly texture mimics our own naturally curly hair. This texture requires a little more attention; moisture, products such as styling creams and mousse will help define the wig's curl pattern.

We strongly suggest keeping the wig in an upright position (as if it were placed on your head), to keep from re-styling the hair. This wig is kinky and can tangle and knot, with that brings some shedding (shedding after first wash is normal). 

Be sure to detangle your wig while wet/damp with a paddle brush & a product that helps with the detangling process (conditioner/leave-in). To help define the curl pattern, use a styling cream or foaming mousse. 


Kinky Straight

Can be worn without washing first if you choose. Allow to air dry - use a heat protectant serum/spray before flat ironing the hair.